CBMA International Projects


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WRANA. Wastewater reuse: improving the odds by understanding natural attenuation

VOLATILE – Biowaste derived volatile fatty acid platform for Biopolymers, Bioactive compounds and chemical building blocks

DNAqua-Net – Developing new genetic tools for Bioassessment of Aquatic Ecosystems in Europe

FUNBIOPLAS – Novel Synthetic Biocomposites for Biomedical devices

CLIMALERT: Climate Alert Smart System for Sustainable Water and Agriculture

CBMA National Projects


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Genome PT – National Facility for Genome Sequencing and Analysis

Trans-acids: Structural-functional studies of carboxylic acid transporters: Novel tools in production optimization using industrial microbes

PREFERENTIAL – Improving spatial estimation and survey design through preferential sampling in fishery and biological applications

EcoAgriFood – Innovative Green Products and Processes to Promote Agri-Food Bioeconomy

VALEU. Towards the valorisation of eucalyptus waste using Pseudomonas-based biocatalysts

CBMA Other Projects


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Earth – Educação Ambiental para Todos

ECONATURA – Escola da Natureza

Ciência Andante – Science on the Road