VALEU. Towards the valorisation of eucalyptus waste using Pseudomonas-based biocatalysts

High amounts of eucalyptus foliage are accumulated on the woodlots ground as waste from wood processing industry. In a circular economy perspective, this debris, can be seen as an abundant raw material and source of terpenes, for the production of value-added compounds. The terpene content of the eucalyptus leaves is mainly composed by 1,8-cineole, with minor fractions of pinenes isomers, limonene and beta-myrcene. These (and other terpenes) are efficiently biotransformed by Pseudomonas sp M1 due to its remarkable enzymatic repertoire and ability to thrive in hydrophobic environments. The aim of VALEU is to explore and tune the genetic repertoire of strain M1, to produce fine chemicals with great biotechnological potential. To accomplish such challenge customized M1-based bio-chassis will be engineered, optimized and tested for their applicability in the valorization of eucalyptus extracts into fine chemicals potentially, acting as food additives, drugs and industrial precursors.

FCT, Portugal 2020


Total: 237,308.12 €

CBMA: 237,308.12 €