In the STREAMECO, we aim to predict how biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services respond to multiple stressors related to climate change (warming, drought and nutrient enrichment) in stream ecosystems. We will use plant litter decomposition -a key-ecosystem process, fungal decomposers and invertebrate detritivores as a tractable model system to assess impacts of climate change related stressors in streams. To attain our goal, we joint experts in molecular biology, microbiology, aquatic ecology and ecosystem services. Experiments will run in field and mesocosms to conciliate environmental realism with simplicity, control and replication. We will include in silico studies in an attempt to overcome the practical constrains of single experiments. At the end, we will develop a predictive model to reveal how environmental variables related to climate change influence biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services that will support decision-making in environmental management.

FCT, Portugal 2020


Total: 234,290.61 €

CBMA: 198,308.18 €

MARE – University of Coimbra