Fighting metastatic cancers: prime time for ruthenium” aims to constitute a key contribution to the field of cancer chemotherapy through the search of new alternatives presenting higher selectivity and efficiency towards tumor cells than the existing drugs in clinical use. Specifically, Lead4Target wants to address a relevant clinical problem through the development of new wide range actin-targeting agents to treat primary cancers and their metastases. Colorectal cancer (CRC), the 3rd most killing cancer, was chosen as the cancer model for this project since no specific effective drugs are available so far for targeting CRC with specific genetic profile. Since metastatic cancers share several features, the treatment of other cancer conditions in the near future can be also anticipated.



Total: 238,683.40€

CBMA: 63,259.26€

Centro de Química Estrutural, University of Lisbon

CBMA, University of Minho

AIDFM, University of Lisbon

IST-ID, University of Lisbon

IPATIMUP, University of Porto