Pesticide use in agriculture is still away from being sustainable. Project FunG-Eye looks at this environmental problem “through the eye” of fungi, which are key players in food webs and ecosystems. Using different fungi models as experimental systems, this project serves the dual purpose of: (i) generating ecologically-relevant information on the overlooked impact of fungicides on non-target aquatic fungi and the processes where they intervene (disease and decomposition); (ii) providing analytical tools for the detection of fungicides using fungus-based biosensing. Project FunG-Eye transcends the available ecotoxicological toolbox and feeds a functional approach to the risk assessment of fungicides; simultaneously, it expands current analytical methods, which are costly and often impractical. Altogether, this project will contribute with novel knowledge and tools for managers and risk assessors, whilst informing authorities, regulators and professionals of the agri-food sector.

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Total: 233,501.88 €

CBMA: 209,495.63 €

University of Aveiro, CESAM

CIIMAR, University of Porto


External consultant from IGB-Berlin (Germany)