Innovative biomedical products rely on newly developed materials tailored for specific biomedical applications. The FunBioPlas project aims to functionalize bioplastics specifically developed for the fabrication of vascular grafts, temporary skin substitutes and catheters. This will be achievable by the functionalization of bioplastics by integrating bioactive modules in the fabrication processes. We will therefore create medical devices with enhanced biological performance, including better infection control and cell function, as well as improved mechanical properties. The present proposal involves the cooperation of academic institutions from Portugal (University of Minho, UMinho, project coordination) and Spain (Universidad de Valladolid, UvA), as well as an SME from UK (Oxford Biomaterials Ltd, OBM) to provide expertise across the whole value chain of the project. The three partners are very well equipped and display the skills and technical resources needed to accomplish with success the objectives of the project. The FunBioPlas project is a unique opportunity to develop highly innovative cross disciplinary research. A critical outcome of this cooperative project will be the achievement of new value added processes for biocomposites. Furthermore, the results deriving from FunBioPlas will contribute to increment and reinforce the scientific knowledge in the field of advanced functionalized biomaterials. Creating functional biomaterials by integrating bioactive modules into conventional bioplastics such as PLA, represents a huge achievement and leads to a change of paradigm in the development of tailored biomaterials. The project is also key to the further development of OBM as it will allow the SME to widen its current range of silkbased products to functional biocomposites.

Universidad de Valladolid, SP

Oxford Biomaterials Ltd, UK