Wildfires are considered an important source of diffuse pollution to aquatic systems, namely through the input of concerning contaminants, such as metals and PAHs. Despite their environmental impact on water quality, there is a lack of fundamental understanding how wildfires induced changes on aquatic ecosystems and the derived risks for human health. Hence, using an integrated approach that includes chemical, ecological and ecotoxicological evidences, AQUAFIRE will addresses this urgent need by providing new scientific knowledge with the ultimate goal of estimating the risks posed by wildfires to aquatic ecosystems and human health. Furthermore, this project also aims to develop an assessment protocol based on key-indicators for a rapid and reliable assessment of the potential risks associated to the transport of PAHs and metals from burnt areas into downstream surface water bodies, which constitute a valuable and expected tool for authorities.

FCT, Portugal 2020


Total: 234.290,61€

CBMA: 35.000,00€

CESAM – University of Aveiro

CESAM – University of Aveiro