PhD Programme on Molecular and Environmental Biology

PDBMA comprises both learning and research components. It is an advanced programme for the formation of researchers in the areas of Molecular and Environmental Biology, counting with the collaboration of national universities and research institutions, as well as professors/researchers belonging to other prestigious European universities within one of the following areas:

Molecular Biotechnology

Biochemistry and Structural Biology

Microbial Physiology and Pathogenesis

Cellular and Development Biology

Biomedicine and Health

Biodiversity and Evolution

Ecology and Environmental Sciences

It is a programme developed in a multidisciplinary environment offering to the students:


Advanced formation in specialized areas, to the frontier of knowledge;


Stimulating scientific environment in high quality research projects;


Preparation for professional life, academic or industry based, in Portugal or abroad.

Specialization Course in Molecular Genetics of Yeasts

Specialization Course in Molecular Genetics of Yeasts The course aims to provide advanced training in Molecular Biology of Yeast, for which the student should understand the most important molecular mechanisms that determine the “fitness” of yeast, in terms of physiology or responses to biotic or abiotic stress. More info (PT only)

Advanced Course

Risks and therapeutic opportunities of bionanoparticles Organizers: Andreia Gomes, Paula Sampaio CBMA, Department of Biology, University of Minho The recent boom in nanotechnology based products in our daily life has led to concerns regarding safety and eventual risks of exposure to nanoparticles. On the other hand, development of nanodevices of increasing sophistication and complexity may yield […]

Advanced Course

Ecotoxicology & Environmental Risk Assessment Topics • Emerging contaminants • Model organisms and bioassays • Biomarkers of stress • Environmental omics • Toxicology of Emerging Contaminants • Mixture toxicity in a warming planet • Statistics in ecotoxicology • Environmental biomonitoring • Environmental risk assessment • Regulation and legislation   Lecturers Lúcia Guilhermino Univ Porto, PT Mª […]

Coordinator at universidade do Minho

Maria João Sousa

Centro de Biologia Molecular e Ambiental
Departamento de Biologia 
Universidade do Minho
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