Silva Maria Antónia

Maria Antónia Silva

People Detail

Address : CBMA, Department of Biology, University of Minho, Campus Gualtar, 4710-057 Braga

Phd Program : Doctoral Program in Applied and Environmental Microbiology (DP_AEM)

Research Area : Bio-Inspired Systems

Position : Phd students


Biological Engineer | Integrated Master in Bioengineering, FEUP - University of Porto.


  • Isabel João Soares da Silva
  • Margarida Casal


Peer-Reviewed Articles:

Baldi, N., de Valk, S. C., Sousa-Silva, M., Casal, M., Soares-Silva, I., & Mans, R. (2021). Evolutionary engineering reveals amino acid substitutions in Ato2 and Ato3 that allow improved growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on lactic acid. FEMS Yeast Research, 21(4), foab033.

Sousa-Silva, M., Vieira, D., Soares, P., Casal, M., & Soares-Silva, I. (2021). Expanding the Knowledge on the Skillful Yeast Cyberlindnera jadinii. Journal of Fungi, 7(1), 36.

Soares-Silva, I., Ribas, D., Sousa-Silva, M., Azevedo-Silva, J., Rendulić, T., & Casal, M. (2020). Membrane transporters in the bioproduction of organic acids: state of the art and future perspectives for industrial applications. FEMS Microbiology Letters, 367(15), fnaa118.

Alves, R., Sousa-Silva, M., Vieira, D., Soares, P., Chebaro, Y., Lorenz, M.C., Casal, M., Soares-Silva, I. & Paiva, S. (2020) Carboxylic Acid Transporters in Candida Pathogenesis, Mbio. 11(3), 1-11.

Ribas, D., Soares-Silva, I., Vieira, D., Sousa-Silva, M., Sá-Pessoa, J., Azevedo-Silva, J., Viegas, S., Arraiano, C., Diallinas, G., Paiva, S., Soares, P. & Casal, M. (2019) The acetate uptake transporter family motif “NPAPLGL (M/S)” is essential for substrate uptake, Fungal Genetics and Biology. 122, 1-10.

Sousa-Silva, M., Simões, M., Melo, L. & Machado, I. (2018) Pseudomonas fluorescens tolerance to benzyldimethyldodecyl ammonium chloride: Altered phenotype and cross-resistance, Journal of global antimicrobial resistance. 15, 188-195.