Bragança Ana Rita

Ana Rita Bragança

People Detail

Address : Centro de Biologia Molecular e Ambiental, Departamento de Biologia, Universidade do Minho - Campus Gualtar, Braga, Portugal

Phd Program : Doctoral Program in Molecular and Environmental Biology

Research Area : Biodiversity

Position : Phd students


Ana Rita Bragança graduated in Marine Biology and Biotechnology, with a specialization in Biotechnology (2018), has an MSc degree in Biochemistry for Health (2021) (taught in English) and a postgraduate specialization in Fundamentals of Scientific Research (2022). Currently, she is attending the doctoral program in Molecular and Environmental Biology at the University of Minho. Ana Rita Bragança is the (co)author of one publication and two conference proceedings. She co-authored 5 oral presentations, a virtual poster, and 4 poster communications, at national/international scientific meetings, tutored/collaborated in the supervision of 11 students (4 undergraduate, 7 MSc), and was part of the jury, as the main arguer, in the defence of the final graduation's project for a student in Environmental Sciences BSc from University of Minho. She was awarded 2 project scientific fellowships, a merit award for Academic Excellence, and an FCT PhD studentship. She holds a position as a selected mentee in the UMinho International Mentoring Program, within the scope of the Skill Up Project, which is a global development and professional interaction program aimed at enhancing the mentees' journey in the international industrial environment. Despite being in an early stage of her scientific career, she has already acquired technical skills in the fields of microbiology, cellular biology, molecular genetics, and molecular biotechnology. Her main interests are focused on blue biotechnology applied to the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Isabel João Soares da Silva
  • Margarida Casal
  • Raul Machado

Concluded Projects

River2Ocean – Socio-ecological and biotechnological solutions for the conservation and valorization of aquatic biodiversity in the Minho Region, Ref.: NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000068


2023 - Bragança A. R., Silva A. R. M., Gomes J., Collins T., Casal M., Soares-Silva I., Machado R. (2023) Marine Microbial Resources: Paving the Way for a Blue Bioeconomy. Edition published by: MUM - Micoteca da Universidade do Minho. ISBN: 978-972-97916-6-6. URI:

2022 - Afonso, C., Bragança, A. R., Rebelo, B. A., Serra, T. S., & Abranches, R. (2022). Optimal Nitrate Supplementation in Phaeodactylum tricornutum Culture Medium Increases Biomass and Fucoxanthin Production. Foods, 11(4), 568.

2020 - Reboleira, J., Saturno, C., Braganca, A. R., Adao, P., Afonso, C., Bernardino, R., & Bernardino, S. (2020). Alginate Biogels Enriched with Kefir Whey and Gracilaria gracilis Extracts: Exploring the Pharmaceutical Potential of Combined Marine and Dairy Biotechnology. In MARINE DRUGS (Vol. 18, No. 1). ST ALBAN-ANLAGE 66, CH-4052 BASEL, SWITZERLAND: MDPI.