Tadeu João

Joao Tadeu


People Detail

Phone Number : 937669170

Phd Program : PDBMA

Research Area : Biodiversity

Position : Phd students


  • Filipe Costa
  • Pedro Soares
  • Pedro Vieira


Fontes, J. T., Vieira, P. E., Ekrem, T., Soares, P., & Costa, F. O. (2021). BAGS: An automated Barcode, Audit & Grade System for DNA barcode reference libraries.

Grant, D. M., Brodnicke, O. B., Evankow, A. M., Ferreira, A. O., Fontes, J. T., Hansen, A. K., ... & Ekrem, T. (2021). The Future of DNA Barcoding: Reflections from Early Career Researchers.