Margarida Casal

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Address : CBMA

Research Area : Bio-Inspired Systems

Position : Integrated members


MARGARIDA CASAL is Full Professor at the University of Minho. She obtained her degree in Biology from Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon and Ph.D. degree in Biology from University of Minho. She was Director of the Department of Biology, member of the General Council, Dean of the School of Sciences and Vice Rector for Education. As Director of the Center of Molecular and Environmental Biology (2013-16) the Center was evaluated in 2013 with Excellent. She is coordinator of the doctoral program FCT in Applied and Environmental Microbiology.


M. Casal academic profile can be checked in: Researcher Id: B-6386-2009 / Scopus Id: 7102313058 / ORCID: 0000-0002-0143-9758 / Ciência ID: C415-042A-1C05/;hl=pt-PT&oi=ao; M. Casal scientific interests are focused on protein structural-functional analysis with the goal of understanding the molecular features that allow proteins to perform work in the cell. Currently the main scientific interests are focused in two model proteins: i) PLASMA MEMBRANE TRANSPORTERS. By using an assortment of biological materials, covering bacteria, yeasts or human cells, the aim is to solve the 3D structure of carboxylic acid permeases and understand how they work and selectively transport the substrates eg lactate, malate, citrate. ii) RECOMBINANT PROTEIN-BASED POLYMERS. The aim is to design, produce, characterize and develop applications for Recombinant Protein-based Polymers based on the structure of silk and elastin blocks, providing an extraordinary tool to create self-structured and “smart” (stimuli responsive) biopolymers.

Ongoing Projects

Yeast Biotechnology Doctoral Training Programme (YEASTDOC). GA” No. 764927, “Marie Sklodowska-Curie European Joint Doctorate Programme – EJD”. 2017-21. Global funding: 3004944,48€, UMinho funding: 414 072,72€. Coordenadora UMinho.
EcoAgriFood: Innovative green products and processes to promote Agri-Food BioEconomy. Referência: NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000009. Data de inicio: 01/06/2016. Data de fecho: 31/05/2020. Orçamento total: 1.289.747,00€. Coordenadora.
TransAcids – Structural-functional studies of carboxylic acid transporters: Novel tools in production optimization using industrial microbes /Estudos estrutura-função de transportadores de ácidos carboxílicos: novas ferramentas na otimização da produção de estirpes microbianas industriais. PTDC/BIA-MIC/5184/2014. Funding: €199.620,00. Junho 2016-2020. Coordenadora.
FunBioPlas - Novel synthetic biocomposites for biomedical devices. ERA-NET IB-2 project FunBioPlas (grant number ERA-IB-15-089) with FCT reference ERA-IB-2-6/0004/2014, EuroNanoMed 2016 call Funding: €200.000,00. Junho 2016-2020. Membro da equipa.
Single Cause Single Cure Foundation - February 2016-20. 25 K dollars. Coordenadora.


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