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Isabel João Silva

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Address : Campus de Gualtar

Phone Number : 253601519

Research Area : Molecular targets

Position : Integrated members


Isabel Soares Silva graduated in Applied Biology at Minho University and latter obtained a specialisation in Molecular Genetics. She finished her PhD in 2006 in the field of Yeast Molecular Biology. In her subsequent PostDoc she specialized in the field of structure-function studies of permeases working in Minho Univ. and in the George Diallinas’ lab at Athens Univ, Greece. She then joined the Nephrology R&D Unit Porto Univ., as a research assistant, where she implemented a new research field that addressed catheter-related infections in dialysis patients, besides actively collaborating in ongoing group projects. Latter at the research Nephrology and Infectiology R&D group at INEB/I3S (UPorto) she focused on the characterisation of the Chronic Kidney Disease microbiome. Since October 2016 she has returned to the field of carboxylate transporters working on the project EcoAgriFood as an invited research assistant. She is now involved in the identification of novel transporter proteins for expression in biorefineries, and the production of value-added chemicals from biomass.


At the present time I am interested in the identification and characterization of novel carboxylate transporters, with a potential biotechnological application. Several carboxylic acids are among the top value added chemicals produced from biomass, as these building-blocks can be subsequently converted to a number of high-value bio-based chemicals or materials. Different strategies have been developed to improve the cell factory production of these acids; however the export of these molecules is still a major bottleneck. In our group the study of carboxylic acid transporters has been one of the major focuses of research for several years now. The characterization of these transporters is done both at the functional and molecular levels. Transporter proteins are characterized by heterologous expression in a Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain with no carrier-mediated carboxylate transport at the plasma membrane. In addition, structure-function studies are conducted to unravel the mechanisms of substrate recognition and specificity of these proteins.

Ongoing Projects

Team member
MetaFungal - Metabolism of carboxylic acids in Fungal Infections (PTDC/BIA-MIC/5246/2020)

Concluded Projects

Principal Investigator


Establishment of an in vitro model system for the study of biofilm formation in hemodialysis tunneled catheters Financed by ESCMID Research Grants 2014

Team member

JENesis -Molecular and genetic analysis of monocarboxylic acid transporters in yeasts. Financed by Portuguese Foundation for Science (FCT) POCTI/1999/BME/36625.

PermYeast – Molecular biology of the monocarboxylic acids permeases in yeast: from functional to structural analysis. Financed by Portuguese Foundation for Science (FCT) POCTI/ BMC/57812/2004.

Increased cardiovascular risk in chronic renal insufficiency. Role of the novel monoamine-oxidase renalase in the sympathetic and renal dopaminergic activities Financed by Portuguese Foundation for Science (FCT) PIC/IC/83029/2007

Mechanisms of natriuretic peptide system dysfunction in nephrotic syndrome: relationship with reduced renal dopaminergic system activity and vitamin D3 deficiency Financed by Portuguese Nephrology Society 2011

Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 (FGF-23) in patients on peritoneal dialysis: relationship with peritoneal transport and cardiovascular outcome Financed by Baxter Clinical Evidence Council in 2011

Consolidação das Competências e Recursos de Investigação em Biotecnologia Celular e Molecular no CEB/IBB. Financed by Portuguese Foundation for Science (FCT) (FCT RECI/BBB-EBI/0179/2012)

TransAcids. Structural functional studies of carboxylic acid transporters: Novel tools in production optimization using industrial microbes (PTDC/BIA-MIC/5184/2014)

EcoAgriFood: Innovative green products and processes to promote Agri-Food BioEconomy (operação NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000009)

MicroMOB - The microbiome mobility pathway in chronic kidney disease and its role in infection and systemic inflammation FCT (02/SAICT/2017)

River2Ocean- Socio-ecological and biotechnological solutions for the conservation and valorisation of aquatic biodiversity in the Minho Region (NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000068)


Liliana Simões-Silva, PhD student, Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine, Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto, Advances In The Role Of The Microbiome In Peritoneal Dialysis (Main supervisor) 2012-2019
Maria Antónia Silva, PhD Student, Doctoral Program in Applied and Environmental Microbiology (DP_AEM) University of Minho, Identification and functional characterization of novel plasma membrane carboxylate transporters (Main supervisor) 2016-2021
João Fernando Alves, PhD student, Doctoral Program in Applied and Environmental Microbiology (DP_AEM) University of Minho “Yeast as a model system for the study carboxylic acid transporters (Main supervisor) 2020-present
Ana Rita da Silva Bragança (). Bioprospection of marine microorganisms as a source of inspiration to design novel antimicrobial peptides. FCT reference 2023.00217.BD. PhD in Biology (PDBMA), University of Minho, Braga, Portugal (Co-Supervisor) 2023-Present


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Book Chapter
1. Benedita Sampaio-Maia, Liliana Simões-Silva, Manuel Pestana, Ricardo Araujo, Isabel Soares-Silva, The role of the gut microbiome on chronic kidney disease. Adv Appl Microbiol 2016 96:65-94. doi: 10.1016/bs.aambs.2016.06.002