Isabel Fernandes

People Detail

Address : Instituto para a Bio-sustentabilidade (edifício 18), Campus de Gualtar, 4710-057 Braga Portugal

Research Area : Ecosystems and Global Change

Position : Integrated members


Junior Researcher since January 2019


I am a freshwater ecologist particularly fond of fungi. I want to understand how global changes can determine microbial communities diversity and activity and how that impacts freshwater ecosystem functioning. My interests include the effects of temperature, nutrient enrichment, biodiversity changes, fungicides, multiple stressors... My work range from lab to field work, from small tubes to mesocosms and streams. I use microscopy- and molecular-based techniques to assess microbial diversity.

Ongoing Projects

2023-2026: Aquatic FUNgal biodiversity: developing knowledge and strAtegies to inform ConservaTION priorities and measures - FUNACTION (Biodiversa2021-860) - PI Portugal

2022-2026: MULTIBEF: Multitrophic and multispatial biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships under multiple stressors in natural freshwater microcosms - MULTIBEF - international partner. Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

2022-2025: Multi-dimensional ecological cascades triggered by an invasive species in pristine habitats - MULTI-CRASH (PTDC/CTA-AMB/0510/2021) - team member. FCT

Concluded Projects

2018-2022: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning under climate change: from the gene to the stream – STREAMECO (PTDC/CTA-AMB/31245/2017) – team member (€ 234 290)

2018-2022: A functional approach to unravel the interaction between fungicide pollution and fungi-mediated ecosystem processes – FunG-Eye (POCI-01-0145-FEDER-029505) – team member (€233 501)

2016-2019: Innovative Green Products and Processes to Promote Agri-Food Bioeconomy – EcoAgriFood (NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000009) – team member (€ 1 289 747)


Diana Graça (PhD student; co-supervisor), 2018-
Sérgio Costa (Master student; supervisor), 2023-
Eduardo Silva (Master student; supervisor), 2022-

Joana Mariz (Master student; co-supervisor), 2019-2020