Inês Sousa

Inês Sousa

People Detail

Address : Dept Mathematics, campus de Azurém, University of Minho

Phone Number : +351253510400

Research Area : Modelling

Position : Former people


Assistant Professor at Department of Mathematics and Applications, School of Sciences at University of Minho since 2009. PhD in Statistics and MSc in Biostatistics from Lancaster University, UK BSc in Mathematics from University of Minho, Portugal


My research interest is on de development of statistical models for correlated repeated measurements in time and time-to-event data. Longitudinal statistical models, mixed models and hierarchical models jointly with survival models.

Ongoing Projects

PTDC/MAT-STA/28248/2017 -"Joint Models for Longitudinal and Time-to-Event Data in Health Sciences" (2018-2021), with ISPUP. University of Porto (Principal Investigator)

Concluded Projects

EXPL/MAT-STA/0313/2013- "Joint Modelling of Multivariate Longitudinal and Survival Data" (2014-2015) , with ISPUP, University of Porto (Principal Investigator)

PTDC/MAT/112338/2009 - "Joint Modelling of spatial-temporal measurements and sampling design processes, in Health and Environmental Sciences" (2011–2014). (research member)

PTDC/MAT/ 104879/2008 - "Statistical Methods in Clinical Research: Spatial, Longitudinal and Survival Studies (2010–2013) (research member)


-> Célia Moreira - Post Doc at School of Psychology (2017-2019)
-> Maria de Jesus Mendes da Fonseca - Post Doc from Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública, FIOCRUZ, Brasil, Longitudinal Studies in Publich Health, (2014)

-> Adriana Silva Vieira - PhD in Applied Mathematics, UM- 2016 - ongoing
-> Pedro Lima Ramos- PhD in Mathematics, UM - 2017 - ongoing (co-supervisor with António Filipe Macedo)
-> Ana Isabel Borges - PhD in Applied Mathematics, UM - 2011-2015 (concluded)
-> Luís Margalho - PhD in Applied Mathematics, UM - 2010 - 2015 (concluded) (co-supervisor with Raquel Menezes)

-> 15 MSc thesis concluded in MSc in Statistics
-> 4 MSc thesis in Statistics ongoing