Rito Teresa

Teresa Rito


People Detail

Address : CBMA

Research Area : Biodiversity

Position : Integrated members


Researcher in CBMA, Braga, since September 2020; Assistant researcher in ICVS (2019-2020); Post doctoral researcher in ICVS since 2014; Post doctoral researcher in ISPUP, Porto (2013-2014); PhD in Molecular Pharmacology, University of Liverpool (2012) and Biology Degree from FCUP.

Ongoing Projects

Team member:
> Project PTDC/SOC-ANT/30316/2017 “From Portugal back to Africa: uncovering the african roots of present-day Portuguese”
> Project “Which, when and for who? Serodiagnosis as a tool to complement diagnosis and evaluate population immunity against SARS-CoV-2”, sponsored by FCT, Soluções Inovadoras para Resposta à Pandemia de COVID-19
> Project PTDC/SAU-PUB/29521/2017 “Understanding the tuberculosis transmission chains in Porto to improve control strategies”, sponsored by FCT

Concluded Projects

Principal Investigator:
> Project “Characterization of the genetic diversity of the LTA4H locus in tuberculosis and diabetes mellitus patients”, sponsored by European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID), ICVS, UMinho, Portugal
Team member:
> Project PT06-000138DT1 “Prevention and control of tuberculosis in vulnerable populations of an urban centre in Northern Portugal”, sponsored by Program Public Health Initiatives, EEAGrants, PI: Raquel Duarte, ISPUP, Portugal.
> Project PTDC/DTP-PIC/0747/2012 “Active tuberculosis in diabetic patients: biological basis for the increased susceptibility”, sponsored by FCT, PI: Raquel Duarte, ISPUP, Portugal and Margarida Correia-Neves, ICVS, UMinho.
> Project PTDC/CS-ANT/113832/2009 “Genetic and chronological characterisation of the European settlements by modern humans in the Upper Palaeolithic”, sponsored by FCT, PI: Luísa Pereira, IPATIMUP, Portugal.


> 4th year PhD student: Olena Oliveira, PhD in Health Sciences, University of Minho, Thesis: “Risk factors associated with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis transmission in Portugal”
> 1st year PhD student: Carla Erica Matos, PhD in Molecular and Environmental Biology, University of Minho, Thesis: " Bioinformatic approaches to the genomic and epidemiological study of hospital- and community-acquired Klebsiella pneumoniae infections"
> Luísa Azevedo Sá, Master thesis in Molecular Genetics, Project and thesis: “Mitochondrial DNA phylogeography of African lineages”
> Anisse Medane, Master thesis in Molecular Genetics, Project and thesis: “Understanding transmission chains and episodes of reinfection of tuberculosis through genetic characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates”


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