Pace Giorgio

Giorgio Pace

People Detail

Address : Departmento de Biologia - Campus de Gualtar. Braga

Research Area : Biodiversity

Position : Integrated members


2021 to present; Contracted Researcher; CBMA UMinho; Portugal (AgriFood XXI - NORTE-01-145-FEDER-000041) 2016-2021; Invited Auxiliary Professor; UMinho; Portugal 2017-2021; Post Doc Researcher; CBMA UMinho; Portugal (CLIMALERT - (ERA4CS/00044/2016) 2014; Specialized Technician; UB Universitat de Barcelona; Spain 2012-2013; Post Doc Researcher; CNR-IRSA; Brugherio; Italy (LIFE08 ENV/IT/000413 INHABIT) 2010-2011; Postdoc fellowship funded by Università degli studi di Roma La Sapienza (Italy) performed at UB Universitat de Barcelona (Spain) 2009-2010; Post Doc Researcher; Università degli studi della Tuscia; Italy


Solid background in freshwater ecology focused on the relationship among biodiversity, ecosystem multifunctionality and multiple stressors. GP 's research has been oriented towards the investigation of pressure-biological responses of freshwater organisms (mainly macroinvertebrates) combining community and population approaches with the aim of identify relevant threats to biodiversity and ecosystem processes posed by anthropogenic and climatic (e.g. droughts and floods) drivers. GP has recently focused his research in remote sensing and geospatial analysis, using multi-spectral and hyper-spectral data (Sentinel-2 and Landsat), to detect and analyse, spatially and temporally, riparian vegetation responses to environmental change. Consolidated experience in: methods for bioassessment (WFD/2000/60/CE), field activities, remote sensing and ecological data analysis.

Ongoing Projects

2023-2026: RIPARIANET - Prioritising riparian ecotones to sustain and connect multiple biodiversity and functional components in river networks Biodiversa2021-301

2023- REACTivar Guimarães – Renaturalização dos Corredores Verdes dos rios Ave, Selho e Vizela

Concluded Projects

2021-22 to present Contracted Researcher; CBMA UMinho; Portugal (AgriFood XXI - NORTE-01-145-FEDER-000041)

2018-2022: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning under climate change: from the gene to the stream – STREAMECO (PTDC/CTA-AMB/31245/2017) – team member

2017-2021: Climate Alert Smart System for Sustainable Water and Agriculture - CLIMALERT (ERA4CS; JPI Climate) team member [Post Doc] (€ 205.308). Website:

INHABIT Local hydro-morphology, habitat and RBMPs: new measures to improve ecological quality in South European rivers and lakes. LIFE08 ENV/IT/000413 INHABIT - Team member (PostDoc)


Ongoing Supervision of PhD student thesis:

(Start in November 2022 - 2022.12503.BD) Vitor Neves. Remote Sensing for water security of Portuguese reservoirs: water quality and quantity during extreme hydro-climatic events. Programa Doutoral 3º Ciclo Doutoramento em Ciências Aquáticas Biologia e Ecologia. Universidade do Porto. Orientadores: Sara Antunes (UP), Jesus Delegido (UV), Giorgio Pace (UM)

Ongoing Supervision of MSC:

Simão José Ferreira de Freitas. 2024. Riparian forest fragmentation effects on river health in Cávado River basin. Maestrado Biodiversidade, Ecologia e Alterações Globais. UMinho

João Miguel de Moura Ribeiro Afonso. 2024. Potential sites characterization for future reintroduction of Margaritifera margaritifera in Cávado river basin- Caracterização de potenciais locais para futura reintrodução do mexilhão-
de-rio (Margaritifera margaritifera) no Alto Cávado. Maestrado Biodiversidade, Ecologia e Alterações Globais. UMinho

Patricia Petim Moutinho 2024. Multple stressor effects on benthic communites and stream ecosystem functoning across seasons.Maestrado Biodiversidade, Ecologia e Alterações Globais. UMinho

Concluded Supervision of Master student thesis:

(2022) José Carlos Guimarães Lourenço. Impacto de fatores de stress múltiplo na comunidade de macroinvertebrados Mestrado em Ecologia . Orientador Giorgio Pace (UM); Coorientador Claudia Pascoal. (concluded - nota 19)

(2022) Ana Catarina de Araújo Conceição. Mapeamento de flora dunar através de veículos aéreos não tripulados (VANTs). Mestrado em Ecologia. Orientador Renato Henriques (UM); Coorientador Giorgio Pace.

(2022) Pedro Branco Saldarriaga. Multi-scale fluvial remote sensing, from habitat to chlorophyll detections and dynamics based on UAV images Mestrado em Ecologia. Orientador Renato Henriques (UM); Coorientador Giorgio Pace.

(2021) VH Neves. Remote Sensing methodology to
assess water quality over Portuguese reservoirs. Mestrado em Ecologia e Ambiente, Universidade do Porto, Portugal. (Co-orientação com SC. Antunes)

(2018) Diogo Barbosa: Avaliação da qualidade da água em sistemas fluviais segundo a directiva quadro da água: estado ecológico e pressões antrópicas. Mestrado em Ecologia. UMinho, Portugal. (Co-orientação com F. Cassio)

(2018) Ana Catarina Pinheira Teixeira. Engineering with Nature: Alternative techniques to improve ecological conditions in Este River. Mestrado em Ecologia. UMinho, Portugal. (Co-orientação com F. Cassio)


Gutiérrez-Cánovas, Cayetano; von Schiller, Daniel; Pace, Giorgio; Gómez-Gener, Lluís; Pascoal, Cláudia 2024. Multiple stressors alter greenhouse gas concentrations in streams through local and distal processes. doi: 10.1111/gcb.17301

Pace, G.; Lourenço, J.; Ribeiro, C.A.; Rodrigues, C.; Pascoal, C.; Cássio, F. 2024. Spatial accumulation of flood-driven riverside litter in two Northern Atlantic Rivers. doi: 10.1016/j.envpol.2024.123528

Lourenço, J., Gutiérrez-Cánovas, C., Carvalho, F., Cássio, F., Pascoal, C., Pace, G. 2023. Non-interactive effects drive multiple stressor impacts on the taxonomic and functional diversity of atlantic stream macroinvertebrates. Environmental Research 229:15965.

Sabater S., Freixa A., Jiménez L, López-Doval J., Pace G., Pascoal C., Perujo N., Craven D., González-Trujillo J.D. (2022). Extreme weather events threaten biodiversity and functions of river ecosystems: evidence from a meta-analysis. Biological Reviews DOI:

Pace, G., Gutiérrez-Cánovas, C., Henriques, R., Carvalho-Santos, C., Cássio, F., Pascoal, C. (2022). Remote sensing indicators to assess riparian vegetation and river ecosystem health. Ecological Indicators 144,109519.

G Pace, C Gutiérrez-Cánovas, R Henriques, F Boeing, F Cássio, C Pascoal (2021). Remote sensing depicts riparian vegetation responses to water stress in a humid Atlantic region. Science of the Total Environment 772, 145526

VH Neves, G Pace, J Delegido, SC Antunes (2021). Chlorophyll and Suspended Solids Estimation in Portuguese Reservoirs (Aguieira and Alqueva) from Sentinel-2 Imagery. Water 13 (18), 2479

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