Giorgio Pace

People Detail

Address : Departmento de Biologia - Campus de Gualtar. Braga

Position : Integrated members


My research has mainly focused on the biodiversity, ecology, and conservation of Mediterranean freshwater ecosystems. More specifically, my research has been oriented towards the investigation of pressure-biological responses of freshwater organisms (mainly macroinvertebrates) combining community and population approaches with the aim of identify relevant threats to biodiversity and ecosystem processes posed by anthropogenic and climatic (e.g. droughts and floods) drivers.

Ongoing Projects

2018-2021: Climate Alert Smart System for Sustainable Water and Agriculture - CLIMALERT (ERA4CS; JPI Climate) team member [Post Doc] (€ 205.308). Website:

2018-2021: Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning under climate change: from the gene to the stream – STREAMECO (PTDC/CTA-AMB/31245/2017) – team member (€ 234 290)

Concluded Projects

INHABIT Local hydro-morphology, habitat and RBMPs: new measures to improve ecological quality in South European rivers and lakes. LIFE08 ENV/IT/000413 INHABIT - Team member (PostDoc)


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