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Andreia Gomes


People Detail

Phone Number : +351 253 601511

Research Area : Bio-Inspired Systems

Position : Integrated members


Vice-Director of CBMA (since 2022). Group Leader (2014-now) of CBMA. Associate Professor at the Department of Biology of School of Sciences since 2021 (previously Assistant Professor since 2007). Director of the C2 in Biophysics and Bionanosystems since 2022. Member of the Course Commission of PhD Programme on Molecular and Environmental Biology, at U.Minho (2016-now).


AG is involved in various ongoing projects that are developing nanotechnologies that will allow, in the future, at different levels, the molecular manipulation of cells’ phenotype in vitro and in vivo, by modulating gene expression and/or directly affecting cell survival. This implies a strong investment in collaborations with experts of other scientific areas, in particular biophysics. The aim is to develop creative, multidisciplinary strategies that could have a relevant impact in health, from normal development to abnormal processes (e.g. chronic inflammation, leukemia). A special interest in signaling pathways important in development and inflammation-related mechanisms, also important in ageing-related processes, translates into different projects studying natural extracts and compounds that might affect such pathways and the development of delivery and targeting approaches to maximize their effect. In recent years, AG has implemented in CBMA a wide range of assays for toxicity assessment of nanocarriers and biomaterials, including a small facility for zebrafish embryotoxicity tests.

Ongoing Projects

- SMART4VIR - “Smart surfactant-based nanovectors for RNA anti-viral therapeutics” (Fev 2023 - Fev 2026) TEAM MEMBER/PI at UMINHO
- ATLANTIDA - Platform for the monitoring of the North Atlantic ocean and tools for the sustainable exploitation of the marine resources, NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000040 (October 2020- September 2023) TEAM MEMBER
- NEOPRIMM - Combined mucosal and systemic immunization to protect against bovine neosporosis, PTDC/CVT CVT/3045/2021 (1 January 2022 – 31st December 2024) TEAM MEMBER

Concluded Projects

- EXTRATOTECA - Extratos de Microalgas com Elevado Valor-Acrescentado, Projeto de Co-promoção Aviso 33/SI/2015, financed by COMPETE. (Jun 2019 – May 2022) TEAM MEMBER
- REPEL+ - Repel+ Novas soluções de repelência de Mosquitos com aplicação ao controlo da Malária. - ID: 15118. (Jun 2021 – Jun 2023) TEAM MEMBER
- FUN2CYT – Harnessing the potential for biomedical applications of pleiotropic cytokines LIF and oncostatin M, funded by Programa Operacional Competitividade e
Internacionalização, POCI-01-0145-FEDER-030568 (July 2018- June 2021) PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR
- EcoAgriFood: Innovative Green Products and Processes to Promote Agri-Food
Bioeconomy. Leader of WP2: Environmental and human risks of new products and
processes for the agri-food sector. NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000009 (2016-2019) TASK LEADER
- Biomimetic microenvironment for the study and development of targeted therapies in
hematological malignancies, PTDC/EMD-EMD/28159/2017 (1 July 2018-30 June 2021) TEAM MEMBER
- Development of advanced strategies and solutions for muscle tissue engineering based on electromechanical microenvironments, PTDC/BTM-MAT/28237/2017 (1 July 2018-30 June 2021) TEAM MEMBER
- VALEU: Towards the valorization of eucalyptus waste using Pseudomonas-based
biocatalysts, PTDC/EAM-AMB/30488/2017 (1 July 2018-30 June 2021) TEAM MEMBER
- DermoID-Nucleo de Investigaçao e Desenvolvimentos em Dermocosmeticos, nr 021931, financed by Programa Operacional Regional do Norte, Núcleos de I&D em Co-Promoçao, ref. 09/SI/2016 – 21931. (1st September 2016 – 31st August 2019) PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR
- ECOBiB – Eco- Innovative Bag in Box Solutions, código da operação: POCI-01-0247- FEDER-033997, financed by Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional (FEDER), do Programa Operacional Competitividade e Internacionalização (POCI) and Portugal 2020 (September 2018- August 2021) TEAM MEMBER
- FunBioPlas: Novel synthetic biocomposites for biomedical devices. ERA-IB-15-089
(October 2016 – November 2019) TEAM MEMBER
- Researcher in bilateral project (Portugal-Germany) FCT/DAAD: "Hybrid nanocarriers for combined gene and chemotherapy”, in collaboration with Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (MPI) (December 2015 - November 2016). TEAM MEMBER
- ACROSS-Development of AntimiCRObial Spider Silk sutures for preventing surgical site infections (PTDC/BBB-BIO/0827/2012), June 2013-May 2015, TEAM MEMBER
ONCOLÓGICO, QREN – Quadro de Referência Estratégico Nacional através do SISTEMA DE INCENTIVOS À INVESTIGAÇÃO & DESENVOLVIMENTO TECNOLÓGICO (SI I&DT) referencia 23240. (October 2012 – June 2015) PI at UMINHO
- Project DoIT (módulo MyHair) - Desenvolvimento e Operacionalização da Investigação de Translação (project nr 13853), financed by FEDER through POFC, Sept 2011 – Sept 2014, TEAM MEMBER.
- NANOFOL - Folate-based nanobiodevices for integrated diagnosis/therapy targeting
chronic inflammatory diseases (EU-funded project FP7-NMP-2008-LARGE-2, CP-IP
228827-2 NANOFOL), Dec 2009 – Dec 2013, TEAM MEMBER
- NaturAge - Anti-aging properties of natural compounds (FCT funding, PTDC/QUIBIQ/101392/2008), May 2010 – October 2013, TASK LEADER
- Chimera - Development of new chimeric proteins to be used in the fabrication of a novel biomaterial for bone
regeneration application (FCT funding, PTDC/EBB-EBI/109093/2008), 2010-2013, TEAM MEMBER
- “Desenvolvimento de um vector lipossomal optimizado siRNA/DODAB:MO (+PEG, +FOL) para a complexação, transporte e libertação direccionada de siRNA em células leucémicas” (QREN funding, Vale I&DT n.º 2011/18891), 2012, TASK LEADER.


(5) Co-supervisor of PhD student Ivo Edgar Araújo Lopes, enrolled in year 3 of C3 in Biology (Univ. Açores). Ivo is a recipient of a FRCT (Fundo Regional de Ciência e Tecnologia) scholarship for the development of novel nanotechnology-based thrombolitic therapies. (M3.1.a/F/128/2015)
(4) Supervisor of PhD student Anabela Ferreira Gonçalves, enrolled in year 2 of Doctoral Program on Molecular and Environmental Biology (Univ. Minho). Anabela is a recipient of a FCT scholarship for developing biotechnological strategies of using oncostatin M to modulate inflammation. (SFRH/BD/146807/2019)
(3) Supervisor of PhD student Mário Ismael Cardoso Fernandes, enrolled in year 2 of Doctoral Programme on Marine Science, Technology and Management - Do*Mar (Univ. Minho). Mário is a recipient of a scholarship from this doctoral programme to study green synthesis of nanoparticles in macroalgae extracts for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. (PD/BD/150361/2019)
(2) Supervisor of PhD student Vanessa Tatiana Pinho, enrolled in year 1 of Doctoral Program on Molecular and Environmental Biology (Univ. Minho). Thesis title: “(Nano)structured bioactive materials functionalized with leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) for tackling demyelinating diseases”. (FCT scholarship 2020.06255.BD)
(1) Supervisor of PhD student Henrique Silva , enrolled in year 1 of Doctoral Program on Molecular and Environmental Biology (Univ. Minho). Thesis title: “Green graphene/lipid nanosystems for cancer imaging and treatment”. (FCT-funded CBMA’s strategic program scholarship UI/BD/151012/2020)
- (supervisor) Cristina Alejandra Rodrigues Alvarez, Master in Biophysics and Bionanosystems, thesis title “Propriedades fisicoquímicas de lipossomas miméticos de exossomas sujeitos a diferentes protocolos de armazenamento”.
- (supervisor) Joana Francisca Marinho Parente Ribeiro, Master in Applied Biochemistry, thesis title “Development of exosome-inspired nanovectors for RNA delivery”.
- (co-supervisor) Bruna Daniela Gonçalves Martins, Master in Biophysics and Bionanosystems, thesis title "Green graphene quantum dots for cancer imaging and treatment".
- (co- supervisor) Elsa Loureiro, Master in Nanomaterial Science and Technology (University of Porto), thesis title "Stimuli responsive hybrid Polymer Lysine based hydrogel for topical applications ".


Most recent, since 2020:
Unraveling the Safety Profile of Nanoscale Particles and Materials - From Biomedical to Environmental Applications. Edited by Andreia C. Gomes and Marisa P. Sarria, ISBN 978-953-51-3940-9, Print ISBN 978-953-51-3939-3, 172 pages, Publisher: InTech, Chapters published March 21, 2018 under CC BY 3.0 license. DOI: 10.5772/65837
Editor of Special Issue "Functional Materials for Cell Modulation", Applied Sciences (ISSN 2076-3417). This special issue belongs to the section "Applied Biosciences and Bioengineering". (2021)
“The therapeutical window of light: modulating receptor proteins and metabolic pathways with light and its importance for disease control”. Gonçalves OSL, Gomes AC and Neves-Petersen MT. In: Lúcio M., Lopes C.M., Real Oliveira M.E.C.D. (eds). (2021). Functional Lipid Nanosystems in Cancer, Pan Stanford Publishing https://doi.org/10.1201/9781003056997
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