Exhibition Foto | Grafia da Ciência is hosted at IB-S

The exhibition FOTO | GRAFIA da Ciência (Photo | Script of Science), in display at IB-S, presents a set of words, created with researchers day-to-day laboratory material, which correspond to concepts that Science must be imbued.

The idea for this exhibition was born from a CBMA project of dissemination and communication of science.

CBMA, aware of its role and responsibility in the promotion of knowledge, scientific culture and critical thinking, is committed to contribute to increase the perception of the population regarding the importance of Science, Technology and Innovation in the development and in the well-being of society.

Interaction between scientists and society is fundamental for the involvement of the population in the social implications of research, as well as for a better understanding of the underlying scientific process. Thus, CBMA develops and participates in initiatives and projects that aim to bring scientists closer to society, such as the exhibition FOTO | GRAFIA DA CIÊNCIA.

The design of the exhibition FOTO | GRAFIA DA CIÊNCIA is the responsibility of Inês Braga and Hugo Araújo.