Advanced Course

June 6, 2022


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Risks and therapeutic opportunities of bionanoparticles

Organizers: Andreia Gomes, Paula Sampaio

CBMA, Department of Biology, University of Minho

The recent boom in nanotechnology based products in our daily life has led to concerns regarding safety and eventual risks of exposure to nanoparticles. On the other hand, development of nanodevices of increasing sophistication and complexity may yield more effective therapies compared to conventional medicine. Thus, the course will focus at presenting and discussing important concepts for understanding the potential risks of exposure of the human organism to nanoparticles, in particular at the level of the immune system. Simultaneously, the cutting edge progresses in nanotechnology-based strategies to control and modulate immune responses in order to treat and potentially cure diseases such as cancer and chronic infections, will also be discussed. Practical classes will allow the participants to produce specific types of nanoparticles, evaluate their cytotoxicity and interaction with immune cell.

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