Advanced Course

May 23, 2022

Mammalian and yeast as complementary cell models to understand regulated cell death and autophagy


Overview on the current nomenclature and classification of cell death processes

Apoptosis in yeast and mammalian cells

Regulated necrosis in yeast and mammalian cells

Autophagy in physiology and pathology

Mitophagy: from yeasts to mammalian cells

Molecular aspects of the function of Bcl-2 family members

The role of Bcl-xL on autophagy

Study of mitophagy in yeast

Methodologies for monitoring apoptosis markers

Methodological aspects on biochemical studies of Bcl-2 protein family members



Stéphen Manon
Nadine Camougrand
Imuriel Priault
Akandé Eyitayo
(Institut de Biochemie et Genétique Cellulaire CNRS- Université de Bordeaux, France)

In-house lecturers

Manuela côrte-real
Maria joâo sousa
Ana preto
Susana chaves
António rego
João canossa
(CBMA-DB, University of Minho, Portugal)


Research Fellowships and PhD students Laboratory Assistance

Cátia Pereira
Joana Guedes
Filipa Mendes
Anabela Ferreira
Sara Gomes

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