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Advanced Course 19-30 June 2023

Advanced Course in Molecular Responses of Plants in a Changing Environment, 19-30 June 2023. Open sessions! Join us in-person at the MICA Auditorium, Dept. of Biology, University of Minho or online via Zoom: Course program    

Advanced Courses 2023

The advanced courses in Biological Sciences are specialized training courses aimed at C2 and C3 level students. These courses are designed to complement the academic education of participants, providing students with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and skills in specific areas. These courses will be held at the Department of Biology or the IB-S […]

Specialization Course in Molecular Genetics of Yeasts

Specialization Course in Molecular Genetics of Yeasts The course aims to provide advanced training in Molecular Biology of Yeast, for which the student should understand the most important molecular mechanisms that determine the “fitness” of yeast, in terms of physiology or responses to biotic or abiotic stress. More info (PT only)

Advanced Course

Risks and therapeutic opportunities of bionanoparticles Organizers: Andreia Gomes, Paula Sampaio CBMA, Department of Biology, University of Minho The recent boom in nanotechnology based products in our daily life has led to concerns regarding safety and eventual risks of exposure to nanoparticles. On the other hand, development of nanodevices of increasing sophistication and complexity may yield […]

Advanced Course

Ecotoxicology & Environmental Risk Assessment Topics • Emerging contaminants • Model organisms and bioassays • Biomarkers of stress • Environmental omics • Toxicology of Emerging Contaminants • Mixture toxicity in a warming planet • Statistics in ecotoxicology • Environmental biomonitoring • Environmental risk assessment • Regulation and legislation   Lecturers Lúcia Guilhermino Univ Porto, PT Mª […]

Advanced Course

Mammalian and yeast as complementary cell models to understand regulated cell death and autophagy TOPICS Overview on the current nomenclature and classification of cell death processes Apoptosis in yeast and mammalian cells Regulated necrosis in yeast and mammalian cells Autophagy in physiology and pathology Mitophagy: from yeasts to mammalian cells Molecular aspects of the function […]

Advanced Course

Advances in Plant Molecular Biology |20 April- 6 May Organisers Manuela Costa Sara Laranjeira zoom: o SCHEDULE 9:30 April 22nd, ZOOM Minsung Kim E-mail: “Genetic mechanisms generating leaves” University of Manchester, UK 9:30 April 27th, MICA Pedro Humberto Castro E-mail: “Scarce nutrients in the human diet: what do plants have to say?” […]

Advanced Course

Advanced Course on Ecosystem Services: from concepts to applications SHORT DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES: Ecosystem services (ES), as the contributions of nature to people, are increasingly prominent in the research, political and business agendas. Through a collaboration between CIBIO and CBMA, this course will cover scientific, economic, and socio-political dimensions of ES through a mix of […]