CBMA Open 1/2 Day

CBMA Open 1/2 Day

Our CBMA Open 1/2 Day event, celebrating World Environment Day, was a great success with around 130 attendees. The day was filled with inspiring activities and memorable moments.

We began with the final of the Elevator Pitch for PhD students, where our talented finalists delivered their theses in just 90 seconds. Congratulations to all participants and winners for their outstanding presentations.

Next, we enjoyed the final of the “Janela Indiscreta para o Ambiente” photography contest. The top 20 photographs were displayed, creating an atmosphere of excitement. The audience enthusiastically voted for the Public Choice Award. Congratulations to all winners for their beautiful and impactful images.

Then, we hosted a roundtable discussion on “Creativity towards Eco-Sustainable Businesses.” Our esteemed panel shared innovative ideas for a sustainable future, engaging the audience in thought-provoking dialogue.

A special highlight was the tribute to Prof. Cândida Lucas, who is retiring after years of dedicated service to CBMA. Her passion and commitment were celebrated by all.

The day concluded with a magnificent sunset at the panoramic restaurant of the University of Minho, the perfect ending to an unforgettable event.

Thank you to everyone who participated and made this day so special. We look forward to future events that inspire and connect our community.

A photo album of the event can be found here: https://bit.ly/CBMAopen1_2dayphotos